Through art, I attempt to tune myself to the well-being that underlies all things and often gets drown out by the noise of life.  It is through this broader perspective that I portray the themes that dominate my work; namely happiness, appreciation of beauty and nature, vibrant life, and the intimacy of the heart.

I became a painter as a woman in my mid-30’s, so my work tends to reflect a contemplation of life through a lens that has been sharpened by maturity, motherhood, and lengthy relationship with myself and others.  Happiness is actually my work, not painting.  The works of art I create are the byproduct of my consistent devotion to the act of focusing on the wonderful bounty all around me.

Whether I am painting with acrylics or oils, and regardless of the subject matter, I am always reaching for a dream-like quality to portray those times in which our lives, at unexpected moments, take on an eternal quality, out of space and time, and are rich with mysterious meaning and texture.


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